Academic / Faculty

Rev. James Ip


Hebrew, Old Testament, Homiletics

Former Ministries:

Vice President, Associate Professor in Old Testament in CWTS (1995-2022)

Pastor in Chinese Christian Church, Houston, Texas

Pastor in First Chinese Baptist Church, Virginia

Assistant Pastor in Chinese Christian Church of New England

Coordinator in North American Congress of Chinese Evangelicals

Pastor in Peace Evangelical Center, Hong Kong

Besides being preoccupied with teaching and administrative work in CWTS, Rev. Ip is also regularly invited by many churches to preach in Sunday services and retreats. During such times, he shares on the Christian faith, spiritual growth and life applications from the Bible. He has also published many articles in Christian books and magazines.

Rev. Ip’s wife is a community nurse within Hospice service by providing emotional care and support to patients through home visitations. The Ip’s have two grown up sons, living independently in other states. Rev. Ip’s hobbies are reading, traveling, as well as sharing his experiences and life lessons with friends.

In the past, Rev. Ip has a lot of experience learning different languages. In order to study the Old Testament thoroughly, he learned languages such as German, French, Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Akkadian, Ugaritic and Arabic. Through his study of different languages, he has accumulated a vast knowledge of traditions and expressions of cultures past and present all over the world. This has correspondingly borne fruit in his exegesis and application of Scripture.

  • Education:
    • Ph.D. Studies, 1991-1995, Brandeis University (majoring in Ancient Near East)
    • M.A. 1986, Brandeis University (majoring in Ancient Near East)
    • Th.M. 1983, Princeton Theological Seminary
    • M. Div. 1982, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Publications in Chinese:
    • Translations from English
      • New Bible Commentary (21st Century Chinese Edition) (contributing translator). Edited by Wai-Wing Chan and Job Hu. Hong Kong: Christian Communications Ltd., 1999.
      • Beyond Futility: Message of Hope from the Book of Ecclesiastes (contributing translator). Chinese ed., Monterey Park, CA: Living Spring Publications, 1982.
    • Articles in Monographs
      • “Prophetic Books, Messiah and the Contemporary Christian.” In The Glorious Christ and the Contemporary Christian, pp.31-53. Edited by Lawrence Chan et al. Concord, CA: Christian Witness Theological Seminary, 2003.
      • “Understanding the Book of Exodus,” “Understanding the Book of Job.” In A Survey of the Bible with Sound (Study Guide), I: 9-16, II: 25-31 (with cassette). Edited by Wai-Wing Chan. Hong Kong: Christian Communications Limited, 1991.
    • Articles in Periodicals
      • 19 short devotional essays in Proclaim, July/August, 1999; March/April, 2003; May/June, 2003.
      • “Psalms that Embody Life,” Proclaim, May/June, 2003
      • “My Observation of Death,” Chinese Today, July, 2009
      • “The Unity and Co-operation of Churches,” Chinese Churches Today, April, 2009
      • “Origin of the Universe (1): The Wonderful Creator,” Evangel Literature (210), Nov/Dec, 2010
      • “Origin of the Universe (2): The Wonderful Creation,” Evangel Literature (211), Jan/Feb, 2011
      • “Origin of the Universe (3): The Interpretation of Creation,” Evangel Literature (213), May/June, 2011
      • “Man as the Pinnacle of Creation (1),” Evangel Literature (214), July/Aug, 2011
      • “Man as the Pinnacle of Creation (2),” Evangel Literature (215), Sept/Oct, 2011
      • “The Glorious Christ: Hope of the Human Race,” CWTS Newsletter, Jan. 2013
      • “Does the Chinese Church of N. America Need Theological Education?” CWTS Newsletter, April, 2011
      • “Immanuel, God With Us– Peace in a World of Turmoil,” CWTS Newsletter, Jan. 2010
      • “New Covenant, New Heart, New Spirit, and Spiritual Renewal,” CWTS Newsletter, April, 2009
      • “On Being a Spiritual Man,” CWTS Newsletter, Jan. 2008
      • “30 Years of Ministry by Grace,” CWTS Newsletter, Jan, 2006
      • “What is a Perfect Life?” CWTS Newsletter, Oct. 2001
      • “What Good Can Come from Theological Seminaries?” CWTS Newsletter, April 2000
      • “Encounter with the HOLY,” CWTS Newsletter, Oct. 1999
      • “The Calling of Abraham,” CWTS Newsletter, Jan. 1999
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