Academic / Faculty

Dr. Jacob Cheung-Sun Tsang


Old Testament

Former Ministries:

Dean of Students and Director of Field Education (CWTS)

Associate Professor (CWTS)

Lecturer, COCM Bible College (UK)

Senior Pastor, Manchester Chinese Christian Church (UK)

Academic Dean & Lecturer , Bible Seminary of Hong Kong

Lecturer, Evangel Theological College (Hong Kong)

Pastor in charge, Hong Kong Bethel Church (Hong Kong)

Lecturer, Bethel Bible Seminary (Hong Kong)

Director of Religious Education, Bethel High School (Hong Kong)

Evangelist, Hong Kong Bethel Church

Dr. Jacob Cheung was born in Xingning (Guangdong, China), grew up in Hong Kong, and studied in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and USA. He was converted at Hong Kong Bethel Church where he also received God’s call to full-time ministry. By God’s grace, he can speak three Chinese dialects: Cantonese, Mandarin and Hakka. His hobbies include singing as well as studying Chinese history and literature in addition to the Bible, often enraptured in the world of the ancients. Rev. Tsang married in 1980 and has three children as a result. Currently, his family members all live overseas outside China. Besides teaching in CWTS, he also preaches in different churches, publishes papers in journal, is involved in leadership training, and assists editorial work for the Old Testament section of the Tien Dao Bible Commentary Series. May God’s grace richly abound in China!

  • Education:
    • Ph.D., University of Sheffield (UK), 1989
    • Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary , 1982
    • M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary, 1976
  • Publications in Chinese:
    • A. Monographs
      • Numbers, Tien Dao Bible Commentary. Hong Kong: Tien Dao Publishing House, 2006.
      • Judges, Tien Dao Bible Commentary. Hong Kong: Tien Dao Publishing House, 1998.
    • B. Articles
      • “Reflections on the Chinese New Year,” Evangel Literature, Issue 229, Jan-Feb 2014.
      • “Seeking Stewards,” CWTS Newsletter, April, 2012.
      • “The Message of Matthew’s Gospel to the Chinese,” Evangel Literature, Issue 216, Nov-Dec 2011 and issue 217, Jan-Feb 2012.
      • “The Door of Blessings,” Evangel Literature, Issue 206, Mar-Apr 2010.
      • “Commitments of the Christian Worker,” CWTS Newsletter, January 2010.
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