Academic / Faculty

Dr. Daniel Low

Associate Professor for Practical Theology


Missions, Evangelism, Education

Former Ministries:

William Carey International University, Vice President Academic Affairs (2020 – 2022)

Raffles Christian International School, Dean-Principal (2018 – 2020)

Concordia University Chicago, Program Director Master of Arts Teaching (2015 – 2018)

Ministry of Education Singapore (1999 – 2005)

劉老師出生在馬來西亞,十歲與父母移民到新加坡。 1997 年聽見主呼召,2005 年到美國受裝備 – 在西南浸信神學院與 Biola 大學完成學業。他曾在新加坡的教育部,Biola 大學,Concordia Chicago 大學,Raffles 基督國際學校 (印尼),和 William Carey 國際大學 擔任教導,訓練,領導的職位,也在南加州,新加坡不同的教會以國語和英語協助講台的服事。他的研究包裹 – 跨文化教育,佛教道教徒的宗教身分和本土化宣教策略。劉老師與妻 Melody 有五個孩子 (Megan, Malcolm, Meryl, Mitchell, Meredith)。

  • Education:
    • Ph.D, Biola University (Intercultural Education), 2014. 哲学博士 (跨文化教育)
    • M.Div. (Missions), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008. 道學碩士 (宣教)
    • B.A. (Honors), Nanyang Technological University National Institute of Education, 1999. 學士 (教育)
  • Publications:
    • Low, D. (2022). Review of Internationalizing the university: A spiritual approach, by Unkule, K. International Journal of Christianity and Higher Education, 26(1), 96 – 97.
    • Low, D (2021). Review of Higher education and belief systems in the Asia Pacific region: Knowledge, spirituality, religion, and structures of faith, by Alexander Jun & Christopher S. Collins (Eds.). International Journal of Christianity and Higher Education, 25(2), 242 – 243.
    • Low, D (2018). The Dimensions that Establish and Sustain Religious Identity: A Study of Chinese Singaporeans who are Buddhists or Taoists. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock.
    • Low, D. (Spring 2017). Review of Why students resist learning? A practical model for understanding and helping students, by A.O Tolman & J. Kremling (Eds.). The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching.
    • Low, D. & Yee, A. (2014). Servants of God in His restoration of humanity: The utilization of Christian practices in multi-cultural and multi-religious higher education contexts. In N.B. Nielson & J.F. Allen (Eds.). Light and Hope: Transformational impact in Christian Higher Education. Jakarta, Indonesia: UPH Press.
    • Low, D. & McEwen, R. (2012, Spring). Renewing Christian community identity through Communities of Practice: Considerations for Singapore churches. Common Ground Journal: Perspectives on the church in the 21st century, 9:2, 10 – 22.
  • Academic Presentations:
    • Chong, C., Kang, C., Low, D. (May, 2022). Understanding Buddhism, Befriending Buddhists. Singapore Center for Global Missions Missions Webinar.
    • Low, D. (Jan, 2022). Imparting “Hope” amid the Pandemic: The Philosophical and The Practical in Buddhist contexts. SEANET Conference 2022.
    • Mathews, M., Low, D., Chan, Y.M., Kee, T. (Nov, 2021). Faith, Ethnicity, and Identity: How Christians can engage in a tense and volatile world increasingly marked by social cleavages and identity politics. Singapore Center for Global Missions Peacemaker Forum 2021.
    • Low, D. (Sep 18 2021). Keeping our ears to the ground: Gleanings from the spiritual realities among Chinese Buddhists and Taoists. Evangelical Missiological Society National Conference 2021.
    • Low, D. & Yee, A. (2013). Partnering with God in the restoration of humanity: The utilization of Christian practices in multi-cultural and multi-religious higher education contexts. Paper presented at International Christian Higher Education Conference 2013, Universitas Pelita Harapan. Jakarta: Indonesia.
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