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Master of Theological Essentials

(3 years, 36 credit hours)

The purpose of the Master of Theological Essentials (MTE) is to provide students with a solid foundation for Christian faith and thought, regardless of their vocational or ministerial calling. Students focus on learning biblical books and develop essential theological skills in order to apply them in their life and ministry contexts, within and beyond the church.
The MTE does not attempt to prepare a student for a vocational or ministerial role in the church, but aims at providing the biblical and theological foundation needed for all ministry. All the biblical and theological (as well as general studies and field education) courses of the MTE program overlap with those of other CWTS Master’s degrees (Master of Christian Ministry, Master of Biblical Studies, Master of Divinity). This allows students not only to transfer all 36 credit-hours to another Master’s program after completing the degree, but also to progress to other degree programs which have focused vocational or ministerial training. \ The learning outcomes for an MTE graduate include: (1) demonstrating a foundational grasp of the biblical contents, contexts, and messages; and the ability to conduct graduate-level biblical research that can translate into practice; (2) exhibiting essential understanding of the heritage of Christian faith and its historical developments; and an ability in theological research, reflection, and discussion that fosters Christ-like maturity and/or Christian ministry.

CategoryCredits RequiredCoursesCredits
General Studies3Spiritual Formation2
Research Methods1
Biblical Studies18Hermeneutics A1
Hermeneutics B2
NT&OT Introduction3
*Bible Electives6
Theology Studies9Systematic Theology A3
Systematic Theology B or C3
Church History A or B3
General Electives5**Elective5
Internship1Field Education1

*Bible Electives: NT Epistles, Prophetic Literatures, any biblical languages, any biblical books
**General Elective: any theological or practical courses, such as Church History, Systematic Theology, Christian Ethics, Apologetics, Faith in the Public, Family Discipleship, Christian Education, Pastoral Theology, Homiletics, etc.

1st year

Research Methods*1Spiritual Formation & Foundation of Ministry2
NT & OT Introduction3Gospels3
Hermeneutics A & B3

2nd year

Systematic Theology A3Systematic Theology B or C3
Church History A or B3Pentateuch3

3rd year

Bible Elective3Bible Elective3
Theological/Pastoral Elective3Theological/Practical Elective2
3Field Education1

*Offered in every Fall semester

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