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Master of Biblical Studies

(2 years, 60 credit hours)

The objective of this program is to provide fundamental training for those preparing for a ministry in teaching or further study. Courses cover Biblical studies, theological studies, and teaching skills. Students are required to write a thesis, and to fulfill a guided research or teaching practicum.

CategoryCredits RequiredCoursesCredits
Spiritual Formation2Spiritual Formation / Foundation of Christian Ministries 12
Biblical Studies35Research Method0
Functional Greek + Functional Hebrew3
Greek A,B / Hebrew A,B6
OT Introduction & Theology3
Prophetic Literature3
NT Introduction & Theology3
NT Epistles3
Bible Language / Book Electives / Bible Block Electives3
Theology & History11History & Theology Overview2
Systematic Theology A, B, C3
Church History A, B3
Chin.Church Hist./ Christianity & Chin. Culture / Hist. of NA Churches3
Practical Courses7Homiletics3
Introduction to Christian Education3
Research / Teaching Practice1

1st year

1st half of year2nd half of year
Functional Greek + Functional Hebrew3Spiritual Formation / Foundation of Christian Ministries2
OT Introduction & Theology3Pentateuch / Prophetic Literature3
Systematic Theology A3Greek A / Hebrew A3
History & Theology Overview2Elective3
Research Method0Research / Teaching Practice1

2nd year

1st half of year2nd half of year
Book Electives / Bible Block Electives3NT Introduction & Theology3
Homiletics3Prophetic Literature / Pentateuch3
NT Epistles3Church History B / Gospels3
Greek B / Hebrew B3Chin. Church History / Christianity & Chin. Culture / Hist. of NA Churches3
Introduction to Christian Education3Elective2


  1. Spiritual Formation / Foundation of Christian Ministries:

    Required to participate in the following activities:

    • Chapel , Small groups
    • Retreats / Spiritual Development Meetings
    • Daily Group Morning Devotion (Residential students only)
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