Academic / Degrees and Programs

Doctor of Ministry

(4-6 years, 40 credits hours)

The D.Min. program is designed to provide pastors holding an M.Div. (or its equivalent) an opportunity for further training through the guidance of experienced teachers and the mutual sharing of students, such that they may be spiritually vitalized and enabled to reflect on a deeper level the theory and practice of their pastoral ministry or other ministries, to appreciate and integrate the two better with fresh insight, and thus serve churches more effectively.

The program consists of 3 components, including required courses, elective courses and thesis-project.

  1. Required Courses:Contours of Contemporary Ministry in Chinese Churches and Research Methodology for D.Min., (8 credits)

  2. Major Courses:4 courses from the following chosen majors, (16 credits)

    Pastoral CounselingSocial Problems and Chinese Churches4
    Contemporary Families and Pastoral Counseling4
    Crisis Counseling4
    Spirituality Traditions, Charismatic Experience and Pastoral Care4
    Medical and Legal Issues in Pastoral4
    Church LeadershipManaging Conflict at the Leadership Level4
    Training in Local Churches & Para-church Organizations4
    New Models of Church Polity & Worship4
    Pastors’ Continued Education and Renewal4
    Chinese Churches & Leadership Models4
    Medical and Legal Issues in Pastoral Ministry4
    Preachingand TeachingContemporary Biblical Scholarship & Biblical Interpretation4
    Chinese Tradition and Hermeneutics4
    Advanced Expository Preaching4
    Different Preaching Methods4
    Christian Education & North American Chinese Churches4
  3. Elective courses: students can either choose 2 courses from other majors, or the following courses in Evangelism and Missions, or one or two special topics for guided study. (8 credits).

    Evangelism and MissionsPeople Groups, Diverse Media and Evangelism4
    Church Growth and Church Planting4
    The Holy Spirit & Evangelism/ Missions4
    New Developments & New Strategies in Missions4
    Cultural Anthropology and Missions4
  4. The thesis / project must be directly related to the major of study, involve the integration of theory and praxis, demonstrate creativity and make a concrete contribution. It can take the form of an academic dissertation, a training manual, a study guide, or a ministry project. (8 credits).

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