Degrees and Programs

CWTS offers one Doctor of Ministry program, four Master degree programs (Theology, Divinity, Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry), two Diploma programs (Christian Studies, Church Leadership), and one Certificate program (Children Ministry). Credit hours and years required for their completion are as follows:

CWTS currently offers:

One doctoral degree program

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)4-640

Four Master degree programs:

ProgramYears of FT studyUnits
1. Master of Theology230
2. Master of Divinity390
3. Master of Biblical Studies260
4. Master of Christian Ministry260

Diploma programs

ProgramYears of FT studyUnits
1. Diploma of Christian Studies130
2. Diploma of Church Leadership130

Certificate programs

ProgramYears of studyUnits
1. Certificate of Children Ministry2 (Part-Time Only)30

Applicants for all degree programs and the diploma program should hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, college or Bible college, or its Academic equivalent.

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