Faculty Members

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Faculty Members/

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Lu
(Emeritus President)

Rev. Lu was formerly a college professor. In 1988, he received God’s clear call to full-time ministry after his son passed away. Thus he enrolled in Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago where he eventually obtained his Master in Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy. Rev. Lu majored in Old Testament, but he also studied Exegesis, Theology, and Semitic Languages. He has a burden for expounding the Bible and theology, church edification, leadership training, as well as theological education. Rev. Lu knows the importance of publishing in ministry. Besides publishing academic works such as his commentary on Isaiah, he regularly contributes to a column on Faith and Current Affairs in Magazine of the Evangelical Formosan Church.

Rev. Lu was previously Senior Pastor in Atlanta Chinese Christian Church where he paid attention to the nurturance of believers, prayer, spiritual growth, worship, education and missions. Chief among his many hobbies is singing songs in Hebrew. He is also very fond of gardening, but acts less than what he plans and says. Rev. Lu’s wife Betty received her Doctor of Christian Education from Talbot School of Theology in southern California. She majors in Christian Education and Family Ministry. Their daughter, son-in-law and grandchild live in Boston, MA.

Present Ministry in CWTS:

Emeritus President and Associate Professor in CWTS

Major Teaching Areas:

Old Testament, Theology, Spiritual Formation


Ph.D., Trinity International University, 1999
M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School , 1992

Former Ministries:

Acting President in Logos Evangelical Seminary
Associate Professor and Dean of Academic Affairs in Logos Evangelical Seminary
Senior Pastor in Atlanta Chinese Christian Church



2014 Commentary on Isaiah Vol. I, 1-12 (Hong Kong: Tien Dao Publishing Co.).

2013 Earthly Talk, Heavenly Walk: On Current Issues in Transcendent Perspective (El Monte, Calif.: Evangelical Formosan Church Communication Center, 2013).


2009 “Logos Across Two Testaments: Interpreting Old Testament Messianic Prophecy,” in Ekron Chen, Jeffrey Lu & Chloe Sun, eds., Logos for Life: Essays Commemorating Logos Evangelical Seminary’s 20th Anniversary (Hong Kong: Tien Dao, 2009), pp. 99-135.

1998 “The Holy Spirit in the Book of Samuel,” in The Holy Spirit Then and Now, Festschrift Hudson Taylor, IV (Taipei: China Evangelical Seminary Press, 1999), pp. 71-99.

1997 6 entries in New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 1997).


2009 Ekron Chen, Jeffrey Lu & Chloe Sun, eds., Logos for Life: Essays Commemorating Logos Evangelical Seminary’s 20th Anniversary (Hong Kong: Tien Dao, 2009)

For a fuller list of Rev. Lu’s publications Click here

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Faculty Members/
Rev. Dr. Luke Tsai

Before entering full-time ministry, Dr. Luke Tsai worked for fifteen years as an engineer in the Silicon Valley, designing microprocessors at Advanced Micro Devices. He was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the U.S. when he was thirteen. He completed his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at U.C. Berkeley and M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.

Even though Dr. Tsai enjoyed a successful engineering career, his true passion has always been to serve the Lord and teach God’s word. He devoted his time outside of work to the church, serving in various capacities, particularly in youth group and Sunday school. After receiving a call to full-time ministry in 2006, he promptly moved to Dallas, TX and began receiving his training at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he earned both the Master of Theology degree and Doctor of Philosophy. In 2013, Dr. Tsai and his wife, Jackie, returned to the Bay Area to serve at their home church, the Home of Christ Church in Menlo Park. Dr. Tsai joined CWTS in 2015 as a faculty in New Testament.

Dr. Tsai and his wife Jackie have two daughters, Dorothy and Susannah. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the violin, table tennis, and basketball.

Present Ministry in CWTS:

Associate Professor in New Testament

Major Teaching Areas:

New Testament Greek, Gospels, New Testament Epistles, 1 Corinthians


Ph.D., Dallas Theological Seminary, 2016
Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 2009
M.S., Stanford University, 1996
B.S., University of California, Berkeley, 1992


Brothers in Dispute: A Socio-Economic and Legal Analysis of the Litigants in the Church of Corinth . (PhD Dissertation).

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Faculty Members/
Rev. James Ip

Besides being preoccupied with teaching and administrative work in CWTS, Rev. Ip is also regularly invited by many churches to preach in Sunday services and retreats. During such times, he shares on the Christian faith, spiritual growth and life applications from the Bible. He has also published many articles in Christian books and magazines.
Rev. Ip’s wife is a community nurse within Hospice service by providing emotional care and support to patients through home visitations. The Ip’s have two grown up sons, living independently in other states. Rev. Ip’s hobbies are reading, traveling, as well as sharing his experiences and life lessons with friends.
In the past, Rev. Ip has a lot of experience learning different languages. In order to study the Old Testament thoroughly, he learned languages such as German, French, Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Akkadian, Ugaritic and Arabic. Through his study of different languages, he has accumulated a vast knowledge of traditions and expressions of cultures past and present all over the world. This has correspondingly borne fruit in his exegesis and application of Scripture.

Present Ministry in CWTS:

Vice President
Associate Professor in Old Testament

Major Teaching Areas:

Hebrew, Old Testament, and Homiletics


Ph.D. Studies, Brandeis University (majoring in Ancient Near East) 1991-1995

M.A., Brandeis University (majoring in Ancient Near East) 1986

Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary 1983

M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary 1982

Former Ministries:

Pastor in Chinese Christian Church, Houston, Texas

Pastor in First Chinese Baptist Church, Virginia

Assistant Pastor in Chinese Christian Church of New England

Coordinator in North American Congress of Chinese Evangelicals

Pastor in Peace Evangelical Center, Hong Kong


“Understanding the Book of Exodus,” “Understanding the Book of Job.” In A Survey of the Bible with Sound (Study Guide), I: 9-16, II: 25-31 (with cassette). Edited by Wai-Wing Chan. Hong Kong: Christian Communications Limited, 1991.

“Prophetic Books, Messiah and the Contemporary Christian.” In The Glorious Christ and the Contemporary Christian, pp.31-53. Edited by Lawrence Chan et al. Concord, CA: Christian Witness Theological Seminary, 2003.

New Bible Commentary (21st Century Chinese Edition) (contributing translator). Edited by Wai-Wing Chan and Job Hu. Hong Kong: Christian Communications Ltd., 1999.

Beyond Futility: Message of Hope from the Book of Ecclesiastes (contributing translator). Chinese ed., Monterey Park, CA: Living Spring Publications, 1982.

For a fuller list of Rev. Ip’s publications Click here

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Faculty Members/
Rev. Dr. Kenny Lai 賴可中博士/牧師

Pastor Kenny Lai was originally from Taiwan. He has a hi-tech professional background with an U.S. patent in addition. After more than ten years working in the industry, he received God’s call to full-time ministry and entered seminary to equip himself. Eventually he received a Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary, majoring in the New Testament. While attending seminary, he was also involved in pastoral ministry in a local church. Convinced that theological education is vital to the spread of the kingdom of God, since 2006 he is engaged in teaching in seminaries to train workers after God’s heart to serve Him in this generation.

Besides teaching in seminary, Rev. Lai also preaches in different churches, participates in lay training, and publishes articles. In his leisure, Rev. Lai enjoys hiking to explore the beauty of God’s creation. He also loves gardening; though he does not have “green fingers,” his backyard occasionally produces seasonal fruits for picking. Mrs. Lai is also a preacher with a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. She has been invited many times to teach on effective personal evangelism, for she has a special passion for, and experience in, personal evangelism.

Present Ministry in CWTS:

Vice President, Global Ministries
Director of D.Min. program
Associate Professor of New Testament

Major Teaching Areas:

New Testament Theology, New Testament Books, Hermeneutics, Biblical Greek


Ph.D., Dallas Theological Seminary, 2009
S.T.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 2001
M.Div., Overseas Theological Seminary , 1999
M.S.E.E. , University of California, Los Angeles, 1982

Former Ministries:

Academic Dean and Professor in Overseas Theological Seminary
Pastor, Chinese Gospel Church, Coppell, TX


A. Monographs

First Peter: Undergoing Suffering, Entering Glory. Hong Kong: Ming Dao Press, 2010 (in Chinese).

The Holy Spirit in 1 Peter: A Study of Petrine Pneumatology in Light of the Isaianic New Exodus, 2009 (unpublished Ph.D. Dissertation) (in English).

B. Articles (in Chinese)

“Contemplating the Divine and Human Nature of Christ from His Incarnation,” CWTS Newsletter, January, 2014.

“Called Out from the Silicon Valley,” Proclaim, Mar-Apr., Petaluma: Chinese Christian Mission, 2013.

“Did Jesus Have a ‘Wife’?‟ CWTS Newsletter, October 2012.

“Re-igniting Hope,” CWTS Newsletter, April 2012.

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Faculty Members/Dr. Peter L. H. Tie

Born and raised in a Chinese family in Malaysia, Dr. Tie accepted Christ as his personal Savior and Lord at the age of 13. Eight years later, he responded to the call for full-time Christian ministry. Peter has served in pastoral, teaching, and preaching ministries among the English-speaking and Chinese-speaking congregations in the USA, Malaysia, and Australia. He is married to Ruth Lau and has three children (Anastasia, Timothy and Annabelle).

Present Ministry in CWTS:

Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Theology
Major Teaching Areas:
Systematic Theology, Apologetics


Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Systematic Theology)
S.T.M., Dallas Theological Seminary (Systematic Theology)
M. Div., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (Christian Thought)
B.S., University of Central Arkansas (Psychology)

Former Ministries:

Lecturer in Theology, Melbourne School of Theology, Australia, 2012-2016
Fieldwork Coordinator, Melbourne School of Theology, Australia, 2012-2016
Selected Publications/presentations (in English):

A. Books:

Spirit Wind: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Global Theology—A Chinese Perspective. Edited
by Peter L. H. Tie and Justin T. T. Tan. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2020.
Restore Unity, Recover Identity, and Refine Orthopraxy: The Believers’ Priesthood in the
Ecclesiology of James Leo Garrett, Jr. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2012.

B. Articles:

“Munus Triplex of the Trinity: A Proposal Based on the Doctrines of the Trinity and the
Priesthood in the Thought of James Leo Garrett Jr.” Southwestern Journal of Theology
2022 (Fall).

“Spirit, Scripture, Saints, and Seminary: Toward a Reappropriation of ‘Spirit Illumination’ in
‘Scripture Interpretation’ for Seminarians.” In Spirit Wind: The Doctrine of the Holy
Spirit in Global Theology: A Chinese Perspective. Edited by Peter L. H. Tie and Justin T.
T. Tan. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2020.

“Jonathan Edwards’ ‘Eastern’ Trinitarianism?” In Piety by Virtue. Theology and Spiritual
Formation 19. Melbourne, VIC: MST Press, 2014, 31-59.

(Online: http://issuu.com/mstchinese/docs/mstcj_19)

“We Believe, Therefore We Live: A Christopraxis.” In Christ, Life and Theology. Theology and
Spiritual Formation 17. Melbourne, AUS: MST Press, 2012, 10-19.
(Online: http://issuu.com/mstchinese/docs/mstcj_17).

C. Presentations

“A Theological Interpretation of ‘Spirit’ in ‘The Spirit Is Willing, but the Flesh Is Weak’ (Matt
26:41b).” Presentation at the Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting (Far West
Region), Gateway Seminary, Ontario, California, USA, April 1, 2022.

“Doctrine, Discernment, and Discipleship: The Interface Between Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy in
the Christian Priesthood of James Leo Garrett Jr.” For Open Session: “The Legacy and
Theology of James Leo Garrett Jr. (1925-2020).” Presentation at the Evangelical
Theological Society Annual Meeting, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, November 16, 2021.

D. Pastoral writings/contributions:

“The Imago Dei and Distinctiveness of Humans.” In CSB Worldview Study Bible, edited by
David S. Dockery and Trevin Wax. Nashville, TN: B&H, 2018, 27.

“When the World Stops, the Word Sustains: A Reflection on ‘Virtual Communion’ or Observing
the Lord’s Supper at Home Amid Covid-19 Pandemic?” (Christian Witness Theological
Seminary, 2020). https://www.cwts.edu/latest-activities/sharings/sharings_archive/sharing_06012020/

“The Importance of Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy.” Interviewed by the Brian Kaylor, author of the
article and editor of Word &Way (a Baptist magazine in the Midwest). February 5, 2019.

The Importance of Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy

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Faculty Members/
Dr. Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen is a second-generation Chinese-American (ABC) who returned to his hometown of San Jose to teach at CWTS in July 2019. For the previous nine years, he taught biblical studies at Union University, which is a Christian liberal arts university in Jackson, TN. His research, teaching, and writing have focused on the Old Testament and Hebrew, although his interests also include biblical studies, hermeneutics, and biblical theology. Before beginning his Ph.D. studies and while doing M.Div. studies part-time at Western Seminary, he worked as an electrical engineer for three years in the Silicon Valley.

Kevin has spent many years in Chinese and Asian-American churches, which he has served in the areas of leadership, preaching, and teaching. Through his nine years in Tennessee and one year of Ph.D. study at Southeastern Seminary in North Carolina, he has also lived in the American South for ten years.

Kevin is married to Joyce, and they have one daughter (Kristina) and one son (Joel). He enjoys spending time with his family, exercise, travel, reading, learning languages, and following Bay Area sports teams.

Present Ministry in CWTS:

Professor of Old Testament, Director of Recruitment, Director of ThM Program

Major Teaching Areas:

Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, Hermeneutics, Biblical Studies


Ph.D., Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009
M.Div., Western Seminary, 2006
M.S., Stanford University, 2003
B.S., University of California, Berkeley, 2001

Former Ministries:

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Union University (2016-2019)
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Union University (2010-2016)
Visiting Scholar, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (2017)
Adjunct Professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2016, 2018-2019), Western Seminary (2008-2010), Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (2008)
Pastoral Intern, Pathway Bible Fellowship, Milpitas, CA (2007-2010)

Selected Publications (in Chinese):

A. Books:

Wonders from Your Law: Nexus Passages and the Promise of an Exegetical Old Testament Theology (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, forthcoming).

The Messianic Vision of the Pentateuch (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2019)

Eschatological Sanctuary in Exodus 15:17 and Related Texts, Studies in Biblical Literature, ed. Hemchand Gossai (New York: Peter Lang, 2013), 174pp.

B. Articles:

“Psalm 110: A Nexus for Old Testament Theology,” Criswell Theological Review 17.2 (Spring 2020): 49-65.

“Poetry, Imagination, and the Messianic Witness of the Old Testament,” for Cateclesia Institute, September 23, 2020. https://cateclesia.com/2020/09/23/poetry-imagination-and-themessianic-witness-of-the-old-testament/ “Narrative, Imagination, and the Messianic Witness of the Old Testament,” for Cateclesia Institute, December 22, 2020. https://cateclesia.com/2020/12/02/narrative-imagination-and-themessianic-witness-of-the-old-testament/

“(Mis)understanding Sailhamer,” Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament 7.1 (2021): 27-59.

“The Mosaic Covenant,” “The Nations in the Writings,” “Resurrection in the Old Testament,” in A Handbook on the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, eds. Craig Evans and David Mishkin (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2019), 17-22, 45-49, 250-255.

“Gleanings from the John H. Sailhamer Papers at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary,” Southeastern Theological Review 9.1 (2018): 93-112.

“Wisdom is Worth a Thousand Laws: Legal Insufficiency and Exception as Intentional Compositional Strategy in the Pentateuch.” In Text and Canon: Essays in Honor of John H. Sailhamer, eds. Paul J. Kissling and Robert L. Cole, 37-60. (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2017)

C. Other:

Worldview Study Bible, Old Testament notes (Genesis–Malachi), ed. David S. Dockery (Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 2018). Length: approximately 195,000 words.

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Faculty Members/
Rev. Dr. Andrew Lo

Born in Taiwan and converted after graduating from college, Pastor Andrew Lo came to the United States in 1992 to study Environmental Engineering. After graduated, he worked in Houston for 10 years. In 2004, in response to God’s call, he received his Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and Master of Theology (Th.M.) degrees from Logos Evangelical Seminary, majoring in Old Testament Studies. In 2021, because of the burden of building up younger ministers, he joined the faculty of Christian Witness Theological Seminary (CWTS). He is also currently a candidate of Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) at CWTS. Pastor Lo is committed to family ministry, discipleship, hermeneutics, biblical studies, worship and praise, and other areas. Pastor Lo and his wife, Jessie Lo, have two children, a boy and a girl (Alan and Karen), and they have a wonderful partnership for ministry.

Pastor Lo enjoys playing and watching basketball, baseball, foosball, playing guitar, listening to music, going to nature and parks, and cherishing time with his family.

Present Ministry in CWTS:

Dean of Student Affairs
Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Major Teaching Areas:

Pastoral Theology
Introduction to Christian Religious Education
Family Ministry


D.Min., Christian Witness Theological Seminary
Th.M., Logos Evangelical Seminary
M.Div., Logos Evangelical Seminary
M.S., Master of Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California (USC)

Former Ministries:

Lead Pastor, Fort Bend Community Church, Houston, Texas
Pastor Fort Bend Community Church, Houston, Texas
Visiting teacher, Global Mission Seminary


Step by Step, Truth and Clarity Toward an Old Testament Exegesis (Th.M. Thesis)

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Faculty Members/

Dr. Daniel Low

Dr. Low was born in Malaysia and immigrated to Singapore with his parents at the age of ten. Hearing the Lord’s call in 1997, he went to the United States to be equipped in 2005 – completing his studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Biola University. He has held teaching, training, and leadership positions at the Ministry of Education in Singapore, Biola University, Concordia University of Chicago, Raffles Christian International School (Indonesia), and William Carey International University; and supported various churches in Southern California, Singapore, in Mandarin and English in pulpit ministry. His research includes – intercultural education, religious identity of Buddhists and Taoists, and contextual mission strategies. Dr Low and his wife Melody have five children (Megan, Malcolm, Meryl, Mitchell, Meredith).

Associate Professor for Practical Theology

Missions, Evangelism, Education


Ph.D, Biola University (Intercultural Education), 2014.

M.Div. (Missions), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008.

B.A. (Honors), Nanyang Technological University National Institute of Education, 1999.

Previous Positions:
William Carey International University, Vice President Academic Affairs (2020 – 2022)
Raffles Christian International School, Dean-Principal (2018 – 2020)
Concordia University Chicago, Program Director Master of Arts Teaching (2015 – 2018)
Ministry of Education Singapore (1999 – 2005)

Low, D. (2022). Review of Internationalizing the university: A spiritual approach, by Unkule, K. International Journal of Christianity and Higher Education, 26(1), 96 – 97.

Low, D (2021). Review of Higher education and belief systems in the Asia Pacific region: Knowledge, spirituality, religion, and structures of faith, by Alexander Jun & Christopher S. Collins (Eds.). International Journal of Christianity and Higher Education, 25(2), 242 – 243.

Low, D (2018). The Dimensions that Establish and Sustain Religious Identity: A Study of Chinese Singaporeans who are Buddhists or Taoists. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock.

Low, D. (Spring 2017). Review of Why students resist learning? A practical model for understanding and helping students, by A.O Tolman & J. Kremling (Eds.). The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching.

Low, D. & Yee, A. (2014). Servants of God in His restoration of humanity: The utilization of Christian practices in multi-cultural and multi-religious higher education contexts. In N.B. Nielson & J.F. Allen (Eds.). Light and Hope: Transformational impact in Christian Higher Education. Jakarta, Indonesia: UPH Press.

Low, D. & McEwen, R. (2012, Spring). Renewing Christian community identity through Communities of Practice: Considerations for Singapore churches. Common Ground Journal: Perspectives on the church in the 21st century, 9:2, 10 – 22.

Academic Presentations:
Chong, C., Kang, C., Low, D. (May, 2022). Understanding Buddhism, Befriending Buddhists. Singapore Center for Global Missions Missions Webinar.

Low, D. (Jan, 2022). Imparting “Hope” amid the Pandemic: The Philosophical and The Practical in Buddhist contexts. SEANET Conference 2022.

Mathews, M., Low, D., Chan, Y.M., Kee, T. (Nov, 2021). Faith, Ethnicity, and Identity: How Christians can engage in a tense and volatile world increasingly marked by social cleavages and identity politics. Singapore Center for Global Missions Peacemaker Forum 2021.

Low, D. (Sep 18 2021). Keeping our ears to the ground: Gleanings from the spiritual realities among Chinese Buddhists and Taoists. Evangelical Missiological Society National Conference 2021.

Low, D. & Yee, A. (2013). Partnering with God in the restoration of humanity: The utilization of Christian practices in multi-cultural and multi-religious higher education contexts.
Paper presented at International Christian Higher Education Conference 2013, Universitas Pelita Harapan. Jakarta: Indonesia.

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Senior Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Members/Dr. Esther Yue L. Ng

Dr. Esther Ng grew up in a Christian family in Hong Kong. While studying at Hong Kong University, she received God’s call to full time Christian ministry. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Science, and teaching for two years at a high school, she left Hong Kong and received theological education in the United States. Afterwards she returned to Hong Kong and served for 17 years at the China Graduate School of Theology in teaching and editing. In 1995 she resigned and pursued further studies at Aberdeen University in Britain where she examined how the feminist theologian Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza attempted to reconstruct women’s role in early Christianity. After obtaining her Ph.D. she emigrated to the U.S.A. In 2000-2003 she taught New Testament courses at Wheaton College. Since 2003, she has served in various capacities at Christian Witness Theological Seminary. She retired from her full-time position in 2016 and has been Senior Adjunct Professor since then. In addition to teaching and writing, she plays the piano occasionally at church services and enjoys writing poems.

Present Ministry in CWTS: Senior Adjunct Professor

Major Teaching Areas: New Testament studies, New Testament books, Christian Ethics


Ph.D. 1999, University of Aberdeen, UK (Feminist Theology/ New Testament)
M.A. 1975, Indiana University, U.S.A. (Religious Studies)
M.A. 1973, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, U.S.A. (New Testament)

B.Sc. 1968, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong (Botany, Zoology)

Former Ministries:

Academic Dean, Christian Witness Theological Seminary

Registrar, Christian Witness Theological Seminary

Visiting Assistant Professor, Wheaton College

Lecturer, China Graduate School of Theology (Hong Kong)

Chief Editor and Director of Publications, China Graduate School of Theology (Hong Kong)

Selected Publications

  1. Monographs

Reconstructing Christian Origins? The Feminist Theology of Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza — An Evaluation. Paternoster Biblical and Theological Monographs. Carlisle: Paternoster, 2002.

Righteous Servant and King – A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew. Vols. 1-2. (in Chinese)

Hong Kong: China Graduate School of Theology, 1996.

Jewish-Christian Discussions over the Mosaic Law in Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with

    Trypho. Unpublished M.A. thesis, Indiana University, 1975.

The Hermeneutical Principles of Redaction Criticism as Applied to the Apocalyptic

    Son of Man Sayings. Unpublished M.A. thesis, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School,


B. More Important Edited Works in Chinese

Official Statements Pertaining to Ethics (course reading, Christian Witness Theological Seminary), 2018.

The New Bible Dictionary–Chinese Edition. Vol. 1 (A-J), Vol. 2 (K-Z). Hong Kong:

Tien Dao Publishing House & China Graduate School of Theology, 1996.

Jesus and Modern Man. Edited by Esther Yue L. Ng and Gaddi C. Y. Hui. Hong

Kong: China Graduate School of Theology, 1993.

Evangelical Faith and Social Ethics. Expanded ed., Hong Kong: China Graduate

School of Theology, 1993.

Right or Wrong–Ethical Issues and Christians Today. Expanded ed., Hong Kong:

China Graduate School of Theology, 1990.

Understanding the Biblical Message–Then and Now. Edited by Esther Yue L. Ng and

Gaddi C. Hui. Hong Kong:  China Graduate School of Theology, 1989.

The Bible–CGST Study Edition (OT and NT).  1st ed., Hong Kong: Christian Witness

Press, 1987; Revised Version, 2000.

In God’s Presence–Corporate Worship: Why and How. Hong Kong: Tien Dao

Publishing House and China Graduate School of Theology, 1979.

  1. More Recently Published/Forthcoming Articles in English

“Truth, Being True, and Theological Education.” CWTS 50th Anniversary Commemorative Volume, 2023, forthcoming.

“Did Joanna (Lk 8:3) Become Junia (Rom 16:7)?” JETS 65.3, forthcoming.

“Montanism: Precursor of the Contemporary Charismatic Movement? Feminist Aspirations?” In Spirit Wind: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Global Theology—A Chinese Perspective, pp. 101-127.  Edited by Peter L.H. Tie and Justin Tan. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2021.

“Was Junia(s) in Rom 16:7 A Female Apostle? And So What? Journal of Evangelical Theological Society 63.3 (Sept. 2020): 517-33.

“Matthew 5:17-20 and a ‘Tale of Two Missions?’” In New Testament Theology in the Light of the Church’s Mission, FS for I. Howard Marshall, pp. 105-21. Edited by Jon Laansma, Grant Osborne and Ray van Neste. Grand Rapids: Paternoster, 2011.

Faculty Members/ in Acts 13:48: Middle Voice or Passive Voice?—Implications for the Doctrine of Divine Election,” CGST Journal 50 (Jan. 2011):185-99.

Faculty Members/

Dr. Manchiu Lau Cheung

Dr. Manchiu Cheung (hereafter Dr. Lau) grew up in Hong Kong. She accepted Christ in high school and served actively in church. After graduation from college, she became a staff member of the Fellowship of Evangelical Students (Hong Kong) to promote evangelism among high school students. In 1972 she married Dr. Wilkin Cheung whom she got to know in college. After their wedding, Wilkin taught at Singapore University and Dr. Lau studied at Discipleship Training Centre (Singapore) where she earned a diploma in theology. Later Wilkin accepted an offer from the Chinese University of Hong Kong where he eventually became an Associate Professor in Biology. After their return to Hong Kong, Dr. Lau taught high school for more than ten years and participated actively in student evangelism, leading Bible studies and fellowships. She later became the principal of a high school.

Sensing the call from God, .she resigned from the school and became a full time seminarian, eventually earning her Master in Divinity. She then became a teacher at the Bible Seminary of Hong Kong. Later she pursued a doctorate degree, majoring in Adult Christian Education.

In 1999, Dr. Lau and her husband Wilkin immigrated to California. Since then, Dr. Lau has served as a professor in CWTS, teaching courses mainly in Christian Education but also in Evangelism, Bible Study, Spiritual Growth, etc. Dr. Lau was formerly the Registrar and Director of Field Education in CWTS. Currently she serves as the Director of Human Resources, oversees the Finance Department, and is also involved in Advancement in CWTS.

For a number of years, Dr. Lau has been attending Tri-Valley Chinese Bible Church and teaches Adult Sunday School for the Chinese congregation. For his part, Wilkin was a long time teacher of adults in the English Sunday School. Besides being dedicated to teaching and research in college settings, he was also committed to the integration of science and the Christian faith, and he fully supported Dr. Lau’s ministry. Unfortunately he passed away in March 2013 as a result of cancer. Since then, while missing her husband, Dr. Lau continues to serve the Lord.

Major Teaching Area:

Christian Education


Th.D., Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary (Adult Christian Education), 1999
M.Div., China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong, 1992
Dip.Ed., University of Hong Kong, 1975
Dip.Th., Singapore Discipleship Training Centre, 1974
B.Sc., University of Hong Kong, 1969

Former Ministries:

Director of Human Resources (CWTS)

Associate Professor (CWTS)

Registrar & Director of Field Education, Christian Witness Theological Seminary

Director of Administration & Director of Development, Bible Seminary of Hong Kong

High School Principal

High School Teacher and Religious Education Director

Selected Publications (in Chinese):

A. Books:

Holistic Christian Education — Christian Education Training Handbook 2007
A Study of the Relationship Between Adults’ Self-Directed Learning Readiness
and Selected Variables in Sunday Schools of Hong Kong Chinese
Baptist Churches
, ERIC 2001
Curriculum materials on “The Study of Isaiah”, Distance Education Program,
Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary 2000

B. Articles:

「基督教教育現況與面對的困難」”The Present Situation of Christian Education and the Problems Encountered.” Paper presented in the Chinese Christian Education Conference held by the Association of Canadian Chinese Theological Education, August 2014

「世俗化對基督教教育的挑戰」 “The Challenges of Secularism to Christian Education,” CWTS Newsletter, April 2011.

「如何提升教牧的教導素質?」”How to Elevate the Teaching Quality of Pastors?”《教牧分享 Pastoral Sharing》,世界華福中心 Chinese Co-ordination Centre of World Evangelism, Sep. 2008.

「善於問和答的耶穌與今日聖經教師」 “Jesus’ Use of Questions and Answers and

How We can Learn from Him,” 《榮耀的基督與當代信徒 The Glorious Christ and the Contemporary Christian》,Christian Witness Theological Seminary, 2003.

「書評 Book Review:《老當益壯 Aging with Vitality: A Path for Growth》」,《傳Proclaim》,中國信徒佈道會 Chinese Christian Mission,Sep. 2002.

「教會中的成人教學法 “The Methods of Teaching Adults in Churches”」, CWTS Newsletter, April 2002.

「基督教宗教教育的拓展 “The Development of Christian Religious Education in Churches”」, CWTS Newsletter, January 2000

Faculty Members/

Dr. Jacob Cheung-Sun Tsang

Dr. Jacob Cheung was born in Xingning (Guangdong, China), grew up in Hong Kong, and studied in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and USA. He was converted at Hong Kong Bethel Church where he also received God’s call to full-time ministry. By God’s grace, he can speak three Chinese dialects: Cantonese, Mandarin and Hakka. His hobbies include singing as well as studying Chinese history and literature in addition to the Bible, often enraptured in the world of the ancients. Rev. Tsang married in 1980 and has three children as a result. Currently, his family members all live overseas outside China. Besides teaching in CWTS, he also preaches in different churches, publishes papers in journal, is involved in leadership training, and assists editorial work for the Old Testament section of the Tien Dao Bible Commentary Series. May God’s grace richly abound in China!

Major Teaching Area:

Old Testament


Ph.D., University of Sheffield (UK), 1989
Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary , 1982
M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary, 1976

Former Ministries:

Dean of Students and Director of Field Education (CWTS)

Associate Professor (CWTS)
Lecturer, COCM Bible College (UK)
Senior Pastor, Manchester Chinese Christian Church (UK)
Academic Dean & Lecturer , Bible Seminary of Hong Kong
Lecturer, Evangel Theological College (Hong Kong)
Pastor in charge, Hong Kong Bethel Church (Hong Kong)
Lecturer, Bethel Bible Seminary (Hong Kong)
Director of Religious Education, Bethel High School (Hong Kong)
Evangelist, Hong Kong Bethel Church

Publications in Chinese:

A. Monographs

Numbers, Tien Dao Bible Commentary. Hong Kong: Tien Dao Publishing House, 2006.

Judges, Tien Dao Bible Commentary. Hong Kong: Tien Dao Publishing House, 1998.

B. Articles

“Reflections on the Chinese New Year,” Evangel Literature, Issue 229, Jan-Feb 2014.

“Seeking Stewards,” CWTS Newsletter, April, 2012.

“The Message of Matthew’s Gospel to the Chinese,” Evangel Literature, Issue 216, Nov-Dec 2011

and issue 217, Jan-Feb 2012.

“The Door of Blessings,” Evangel Literature, Issue 206, Mar-Apr 2010.

“Commitments of the Christian Worker,” CWTS Newsletter, January 2010.

Faculty Members/

Dr. Betty Lu, Christian Education

Doctor of Christian Education, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University 2013

M.A. (Educational Ministries), Wheaton College 1990

Adjunct Faculty

Rev. Dr. David Chan: Practical Theology
D.Min. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
M.A. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Rev. Dr. Alex Chi: Apologetics, Chinese Cultures
Ph.D. Beijing University, 2009
M.Th. Westminster Theological Seminary, 1997
M.A.R Westminster Theological Seminary, 1991
MBS Singapore Bible College, 1989

Rev. Dr. Martin Chien: Worship, Leadership
D.M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.C.M. Dixon School of Music, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. in English Literature, Tamkang University

Rev. Dr. Calvin C. Chu: Missiology
D.Miss. Fuller Theological Seminary
M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary

Rev. Dr. Sherman Hsiung: Counseling
Ph.D. Arizona State University
M.Div. Phoenix Seminary
M.S., Northeast Louisiana University

Rev. Dr. James Hwang: Practical Theology
D.Min Dallas Theological Seminary
M.Div.eq, MABS Dallas Theological Seminary

Rev. Dr. Albert Lam: Practical Theology
D.Min. Westminster Theological Seminary
M.Div. Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary

Rev. Dr. Brian Lam: Practical Theology
D.Min. Dallas Theological Seminary
S.T.M. Dallas Theological Seminary

Dr. Sarah Lam: Education, Counseling
Doctorate in Educational Leadership, California State University
M.Sc. in Counseling, California State University.

Rev. Dr. Yading Li: Church History
Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary (2004)
M.T.S. Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary
M.A. Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

Dr. Jennifer Lowe: Christian Education
Ph.D. Talbot School of Theology, Biola University (Educational Studies), 2009
M.Div. Bethel Seminary, San Diego (Theological Studies & Marital, Family and Children
Counseling), 2000

Rev. Dr. Daniel Tan: Pastoral Theology
D. Min. Chinese for Christ Theological Seminary (1988)
M. Div. Chinese for Christ Theological Seminary (1986)
M.A. California Graduate School of Theology (Extension) (1985)
B.Th. Singapore Bible College, 1976

Dr. Herbert Tsang: Worship
D.W.S., Doctor of Worship Studies, The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship (2011)
Ph.D., Computing Science, Simon Fraser University (2008)
M.C.S. Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong (2014)
M.Mus. Master of Music, Boston University (2009)
Dip.Theo. Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong (2007)
Dip.RSCM. Diploma in Sacred Music, the Royal School of Church Music, UK (2007)

Rev. Dr. Enoch Wan: Missiology
Ph.D. Anthropology, State University of New York
MTS Counselling & NT, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
B.A. Social Sciences, Nyack College

Ms. Sandra Young: Music
M.Ed., Hong Kong Baptist University (2004)
B.A. (Honors) in Music, Hong Kong Baptist University (1994)

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