Academic Information


Full time study

Every academic year CWTS offers thirty or more  courses which include regular weekday courses  (daytime and evening ),  Saturday daytime courses, as well as intensive courses  held during  winter and summer .  Full-time students  take at least 12 or more credit hours per half academic year. Students who take fewer than 12 credit hours per half academic year are regarded as part-time students. Foreign students with F-1 visa must enroll as full-time students.

Full-time students should take at least 16 credit hours per half academic year. If they wish  to complete the Master of Divinity degree (requiring 96 credits)  within three years or to complete the Master of Biblical Studies or Master of Christian Ministry (requiring  64 credit hours)  within two years. .


Calculation of a Half Academic Year

The first half of the academic year includes  Summer  (August) and the Fall semester  (September to December) The second half of the academic year includes Winter (January) and Spring semester (February to May).


Duration of study

Students may take courses according to their need, but should complete their program  within six years from the beginning of their study. All students are responsible for meeting the requirements of their chosen program..


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Part time Study


Intended Students

Programs are designed to provide graduate level  training for  working professionals and others. The following programs are being offered: Master of Biblical Studies, Master of Christian Ministry,  Diploma of Christian Studies, Diploma in Leadership, Certificate of Children Ministry and Family Ministry. The Master degree program can be completed in four years. The Diploma and Certificate programs can be completed in two years.


Course Format

Courses are held during  weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Moreover,  intensive courses are offered during  summer and winter. Besides attending courses, students have to fulfill  reading and writing assignments.


Course Scheduling

The courses are scheduled in a four year cycle. Students can enroll and begin  study in anysemester.  Students can also take daytime courses on our San Jose main campus. Graduates may  study further to complete a Master of Divinity program on the main campus.

Students enrolled in Master of Biblical Studies can take Functional Greek and Functional Hebrew (4 credit hours).  as scheduled.  In addition, they are encouraged to earn 6 credit hours of either Greek I/II/II or  Hebrew I/II/III on their own or by taking classes from CWTS or from  an approved seminary. These 6 credit hours of  study in Greek or  Hebrew may  be replaced by taking biblical  courses..

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